11:38:11 26th Sep 2018
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DateNews Event
14:10 Mon 10th Sep 2018ISY23BT test will be written on Wednesday the 12th Sept at Polokwane Campus. Enquiries: Mr Tshitake
09:50 Tue 28th Aug 2018No classes at Sosh. for this week: 27th to the 1st
10:15 Mon 27th Aug 2018(27th) There are no classes taking place on Sosh. South. The place is locked up.
19:11 Fri 24th Aug 2018There will be no class on Saturday 24th August.
10:52 Wed 22nd Aug 20182018 Sem. 2 ICT Time Table v 2.2
11:20 Mon 20th Aug 2018ICT Test Week 1 Preliminary
10:41 Mon 20th Aug 2018EC Admin ! - New!!! As of today - All staff logins will be handled by the Active Drirectories Login/Password system. All password changes are to made via help desk -or- by whichever method you used to change your internet password before.
11:54 Mon 13th Aug 2018WEB30AT- Class Test tomorrow (Tuesday-14 Aug 2018) at 11h00. VENUE 10-149.
11:16 Mon 06th Aug 2018EC has been refreshed.
13:44 Sat 04th Aug 2018GUI10AT - Class will start on Monday 15:30-17:00 in 10-G28 lab.
12:19 Tue 24th Jul 2018TPG111T and PGG211T will be writing on the 2nd August. Please make sure you are aware of the details.
10:50 Tue 24th Jul 2018Student Passwords have been reset.