13:36:09 21st Apr 2018
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DateNews Event
09:16 Fri 23rd Mar 2018Nominations For House Committee
All class reps are requested to attend
Venue: Old Auditorium

Date: Mon. 26th March
11:06 Thu 15th Mar 2018Soshanguve Campus
Dear all
Please be informed that the auditorium in building 13 (G40) will be available for students who want to study in a secured and quiet
venue on campus. This venue will be opened from Monday to Saturday, 20:00 until 24:00.
No eating or sleeping are allowed in the venue and complete silence is requested.
Prof Coetzee
09:25 Mon 12th Mar 2018ALL EC records have been refreshed.
20:27 Mon 26th Feb 2018Unconfirmed Group These people need to urgently supply an ID document to the financial office or they will loose funding.
09:21 Mon 26th Feb 2018Test Week 1 Schedule
23:24 Mon 19th Feb 2018Open labs will start operating today from 17:00-23:00. We will open lab 10-138 and 10-L44.
09:53 Wed 14th Feb 2018ICT Diploma Time Table v1.4
13:40 Tue 13th Feb 2018Soshanguve Foundation groups L and M: Please obtain a new timetable from mrs Coetzee.
09:02 Mon 12th Feb 2018CS BTech Time Table
14:40 Wed 07th Feb 2018The Insurance Industry has been under pressure for some time. Brokers are faced by changing legislation on a constant basis, whilst clients are embracing technology at a rapid pace. We have identified the need for a very specific mobile application, aimed to tie Clients, Brokers and Assurors. We are looking for a (second year of studies or higher) student who, if successful, shall receive: 1. Bursary for studies. (very specific conditions apply) 2. Management opportunity as part of roll-out to Brokers In turn, the successful student will be responsible for the further development of our “Rainmaker’- Mobile Application. Software for the development will be made available. You are requested to circulate this amongst your Faculty. Interested students to email me for more information.