4:36:20 9th Aug 2020
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19:33 Fri 15th May 2020Dear student, TUT urgently needs your information to provide data and learning material. Please click the link and complete before 15 May 2020 midnight. Extention! before 14:00 on Sunday, 17 May 2020.
17:31 Thu 16th Apr 2020Dear ICT Faculty student, kindly participate in TUT’s online access survey, please do so by clicking on the link: Thank you Abuti Derick for ensuring that the word is spread via MyTUTor.
07:52 Mon 16th Mar 2020ICT Test Week 1 S1 2020 Final - Loadshedding V2 All Days
15:51 Fri 13th Mar 2020Dear GUI10AT students. Please note that due to clashes during Semster Test week 1, your Semester Test is moved to Wednesday, 1 April, at 10:00.
08:56 Tue 10th Mar 2020Dear DSO17AT students (Soshanguve)
Note that time for class test 1 has changed from 10:30 to 10:00 for all groups. Venues and date remain the same, time: 10:00.
14:34 Wed 04th Mar 2020ICT Test Week 1 S1 2020 Preliminary v2
19:17 Tue 03rd Mar 2020ICT Students - The Test Week is now scheduled from Thursday 12 March to Friday 20 March, after which we will close for recess.
11:33 Tue 25th Feb 2020PPAF05D: An EC test is available for intake 20200, test B. This will help you to prepare for clss test 1. Memo available on MyTutor.
10:39 Mon 24th Feb 2020Diploma Time Table V3.1
09:05 Tue 18th Feb 2020BTECH Time Table V5